All You Need To Know About Samsung’s Upcoming Flagship

South Korean tech giant had not so good quarter in terms of profit and revenue. Yet, you
cannot ignore the presence of it from the international market. If we look at the company’s
past, it took a lot of effort for Samsung to reach this point and rule the smartphone market.
Good competition in terms of price and technology has bought some serious challenges for
this company but that is how it will progress.
Now, coming back to the business, Samsung is said to be in process of launching latest
handsets and it will do away with the plastic bodies for which it being criticised globally. It
has started the over hauling of its designing by launching a series of phone namely A3, A5
and A7 which has metallic slim body and non-removable back cover. Initial responses are
positive and it is heading for a good start in 2015.
The much talked about device for Samsung is-
Galaxy S6 Edge
Sources say that the new Galaxy S6 Edge would pack powerful 4GB RAM along with full
unibody metal chassis. It will sport extra curved edges on both sides. It will also feature
1440X2560 resolution screen and 20 MP rear camera. Also, there were reports on Samsung
working on two edged display with Galaxy S6. The model number SM-G925 is expected to
be unveiled during MWC in Barcelona.
The centrally positioned cut on chassis suggests central camera placement in this device
which is very much like Samsung S5 therefore, no changes there. The slot at the bottom is
said to minimize metal case’s interference with wireless signal. Earlier, Samsung tweaked its
design by offering metal cases while the back cover remained of plastic. This time they are
bringing an all metal body which will differentiate it from its previous line of Galaxy models.
It is now building a new design from the scratch.
Galaxy S6
The Galaxy S6 might feature QHD Super AMOLED display, Android Lollipop 5.0, Snapdragon
810 chipset or Exynos 7420 SoC along with 3GB RAM, in-built 32GB space and LTE Cat. 9/10
connectivity. There are many prototypes which boast one with 16 MP camera and other one
with 20 MP camera. Also, the leaked report suggests that Galaxy S6 might come in three
different colour varieties. Samsung is expected to make the device public in the month of
February this year. The alleged leaked pictures suggest metal build body. On the display, it is
rumoured to have Android 5.0 style lock screen. The front body of this device might have
sleek bezels along with Samsung’s logo above the display and on the back, just below the
rear camera. The back cover will also have metallic finish. This new device will have a bigger
screen and taller size than its previous predecessors like Samsung S5 and S4. While the
display may come with 5.2” or 5.5” Quad HD (1440X250) pixels Super AMOLED display, 64-
bit Snapdragon 810 chipset with Android 5.0 installed, Samsung may plan to release two
variants of this handset like Galaxy Note Edge and a normal one.
Leaked images shows S6 in fluorescent yellow colour with aluminium body which is same
which was launched with Alpha series. With expectation of two variants, the 5.5” will have
full HD display with Snapdragon 801 processor and other one similar to the Note Edge.

Also, this leaked information comes from India, where this device has been shipped for
testing. It comes under the name of “Project Zero” which was spotted on Indian import
tracking website. This unit came for research and development purpose solely, and not as a
retail unit.
The launch is expected to be somewhere in early months of 2015. There are possibilities of
it being Qualcomm variant as well as Exynos along with curved display variant. Those who
are really looking forward to built and design of this premium phone, they may have to wait
for some days as Samsung is putting dedication in revamping its design and over all
structure along with big time display improvement from previous devices. It can be linked to
Alpha and its line of designing if you want to get rough image of Galaxy S6 and Galaxy S6

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