Apple iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6S: A Quick Comparison

Apple brand has been synonymous with innovation in the area of manufacturing computer electronics, MP3 players and smartphones. Through its history, the iPhone – Apple’s smartphone device, has been the hallmark of perfection that many only hope to emulate and for all smartphone aficionados, the iPhone stands a class apart. The smartphone from Apple is a not just a status symbol for those who use it, but also an indispensable part of their lives.

Every year, we hear a new iPhone launch and break the record of sales by huge and surprising margins. One of their most recent launches – iPhone 6S has been widely acclaimed as one of the highest selling smartphones of all time despite competitors with less expensive models.

The iPhones also pack a punch – the only phones capable to run the iOS operating system – they easily out-class other phones with Apple co.’s signature dedication to quality and customer service. In addition, they are covered by guarantee; in other words, if you break or damage it, you can get it replaced.

Let’s now discuss about two of the most recent iPhones: iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6S.

Here are the specifications.  

The iPhone 6 has a RAM of 1GB and packs a 1.4GHz 64-bit Apple 8 processor. It’s more compact with a 4.7inch screen and a display resolution of 1334x750px. The primary cam is 8MP and the front facing cam 1.2MP

The iPhone 6S has double the RAM at 2GB and is powered by a 1.85GHz 64-bit Apple 9 processor; it’s larger as well – measuring 5.5 inches and boasts of a HD 1080px display. The cameras are upgraded to 12MP and 5MP respectively making for a very robust and well-rounded upgrade from its predecessor.

So, a very clear difference between the two, as a user of both, I would highly recommend the 6S. Its increased size and display gives you a much better experience when watching movies and playing games, and the additional processing speed allows you to better use apps that have been more recently released as well as allowing access to some not compatible with the iPhone 6.

Speaking in terms of camera quality, both are good, but 6S is better by all accounts. Apple’s amazing crystal clear display combined with the super high quality of its camera give you a great feel when clicking pictures and selfies. The true tone flash means great lighting and exposure on your phone even at night!

The iPhone 6 is presently available at Rs.36499 and the iPhone 6S is priced at Rs.46994. Irrespective of the model you want to buy, you can always find incredible discount deals with Amazon coupons. You can also find promo codes with amazing offers on coupon sites like Couponhaat.

As a popular meme goes – one does not simply release an iPhone. There is a lot of work that goes into the research and creation of each one, assimilating the best of technology into it to make each a priceless work of art (although they do) that’s well worth the buy.

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