8 Tips and Tricks to Keep Battery Life More of Android Phones

During the early days of Androids it was really difficult to reach at the end of a day with left battery life. That has improved with time but still sometimes find chore through busy days to run without battery ending. A frequent traveler particularly knows how important is to stretch his phone battery because travelling […]

6 Benefits That Tablet PCs Have Over Laptops

Technology has been a medium of the most magnificent innovation over the years. So much has changed if compared to the past, and one of the biggest innovations human has ever seen are mobile phones bringing possibilities to communicate wirelessly. Soon there came tablets. Tablet pc functions same like most of the phones and also […]

Apple iPhone 6 vs. iPhone 6S: A Quick Comparison

Apple brand has been synonymous with innovation in the area of manufacturing computer electronics, MP3 players and smartphones. Through its history, the iPhone – Apple’s smartphone device, has been the hallmark of perfection that many only hope to emulate and for all smartphone aficionados, the iPhone stands a class apart. The smartphone from Apple is […]

All You Need To Know About Samsung’s Upcoming Flagship

South Korean tech giant had not so good quarter in terms of profit and revenue. Yet, you cannot ignore the presence of it from the international market. If we look at the company’s past, it took a lot of effort for Samsung to reach this point and rule the smartphone market. Good competition in terms […]

All about Nokia Phones

Cell cellular phones created by Nokia are considered to be the standard in the world of cellular mobile phones. Each cell phone from the Nokia constant features of innovative technology and gives the client an enhanced experience in wireless telecom. For every generation Mobiles have almost become a vital component in our lives. And Nokia […]

Accessories which you like to have for you iPad

Appropriate soon after this apple iPad had been launched, accessories to your apple iPad commenced showing up just about everywhere. Quickly pursuing that, apple iPad software did start to flood industry. Nevertheless, several these kinds of accessories are Minilaptop accessories along with aren't for the purpose of the apple iPad. Here are several for the […]